What is Hair Restoration?

Hair Transplant


Androgenic alopecia, or Male Pattern Baldness, affects thousands of men in the United States. By the age of 35 two-thirds of men will begin to experience hair loss, by the time they reach the age of 50, 85 percent of those men will have experienced a significant amount of hair loss or hair thinning. Hair loss affects every aspect of sufferer’s life such as self esteem, relationships, and even their professional life. There are many quick fix options on the market, however they do not guarantee you a permanent solution. The only way to regain your confidence long term is to get a hair transplant. At first glance, the idea of a hair transplant may seem intimidating. However we are here to connect you with top tier surgeons who specialize in this procedure.  We will provide all of the information you need to go from hiding your balding head with hats or toupees, to becoming the guy with a full head of hair no matter what your age is. It is up to you to take the first step.

Before Hair Transplant New York After Hair Transplant New York


So What Exactly is a Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant in New York

A hair transplant is a method of removing hair from one part of the body and transferring it to the top of your head, in a fashion that replaces your bald spot with hair. It is similar to a skin graft, except it does not remove a whole patch of skin, but it will remove follicles containing hairs. This is effective in replacing the balding without it being noticeable.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

The next thing you might be thinking after deciding that it may be time for a hair transplant is, “how much will this procedure cost me?” The prices will vary depending on the extent of your hair loss. If hair loss is minimal, the price is around $4,000. If there is major hair loss, the price could be upwards of $15,000. While this procedure is rather expensive, the confidence you will gain is priceless. You are guaranteed results and you will be in the hands of the best surgeons New York State has to offer.

How Will This Help Me?

You may be able to go out and start dating again, or enjoy your time with your family without your kids asking, “Dad, am I going to be bald when I’m older?” This newly renewed self with bring plenty of confidence to help improve your life. So go out, get a treatment and regain your confidence!